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BCIA Accredited EEG Biofeedback Certification Training Programme

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In completion of this course practitioners will be able to:

  • Introduce the Physiological Basis of Behaviour
  • Discuss Neurofeedback as a Psychological Intervention
  • Define the History & Development of Neurofeedback
  • Review Basic Principles of Neurofeedback Training
  • Interpret Research Results & Recognize the Limitations of Unsupported Research
  • Recognize the Electrode Settings that are Supported by Careful Studies
  • Describe EEG Patterns, their Origin and Behaviour Correlates
  • Understand the EEG Signal & its Components – EEG Bandwidth Designations
  • Understand Montages, Artifacts & Abnormal EEG Patterns
  • Identify Sources of Artifact & have the Knowledge to Eliminate Environmental Noise
  • Understand the Essential Terms & Concepts of Instrumentation
  • Define the Effect of Psychopharmacology on EEG Measures & Learning Tasks
  • Review Initial Client Intake, Treatment Planning & Ongoing Assessment
  • Present the Concepts & Value of Behavioural Medicine Techniques to a Variety of Audiences

Neurofeedback Stimulation Centre:

Provides educational courses to professionals who want to incorporate biofeedback and specifically neurofeedback into their practices.

This course offers the neuro-feedback practitioner all the information needed to get started in offering neurofeed-back in a practice.The hands-on seminar include lectures, demonstrations, dia-logues and supervised trai-ning on leading instrument systems.

The emphasis of this training experience is on how to conduct successful sessions with a wide range of clients.


  • This is a post-graduate course
  • Applicants should have a professional degree in a health related field.
  • Previous clinical and computer experience is helpful, but not required in order to learn to conduct QEEG sessions.

  • Small Group Instruction
  • Class size is limited to 4-8 participants, so that individual attention can be given and all presenting problems can be addressed.
  • Tuition will either be administered at the Neuro Stimulation Centre in Knysna, or at a venue in any city or town that the participants prefer.

The following study material is included in this fee:

  • Neurofeedback Training Manual
    “The Neurofeedback Book”
  • Michael & Lynda Thompson (2003)
  • “Getting Started with Neurofeedback
    John N. Demos (2005)


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This total program meets all didactic and mentoring criteria required by the Biofeedback Certification Institute of America, in order to take the certification exams. Based on the BCIA blueprint for certification and re-certification, participants receive certificates for all blueprint hours completed.

  • Required 36 Didactic Hours
  • 8 Hours of Biofeedback Instruction
  • 10 Practical Sessions on a Neurofeedback System
  • 2 Hours Direct Monitoring
  • Participants will use their fellow participants as “clients”.
  • Mentoring of 10 Case Presentations, as well as continuous mentoring for six months.

Hannelie Kemp: BCIAC #B4741, Associate Fellow; BCIA-EEG #1614, Associate Fellow.

  • Master in Educational Psychology
  • BA Hons Psychology
  • Trauma Counsellor
  • BA Fine Arts
  • HED Pre-Primary Education
  • Berard AIT Trainer & Practitioner
  • Gestalt Play Therapist & Art Therapist
  • Educational Kinesiologist 

Neurofeedback Studies Under:

  • 2001 – Victoria Ibric MD. PhD Psych. (Roshi): Los Angeles
  • 2003 – Helena Kerekhazi (Biograph Procompt+): New York
  • 2003 – George Martin (Bioexplorer): Boulder, Colorado
  • 2004 – Play Therapy Courses in Gestalt Perspective: Beginners & Advanced
  • 2004 – Course on the Physiological Basis of Learning & Kinesiology: Carla Hannaford
  • 2007 – NF Peak Performance: Train with Rae Tattenbaum in Hartsford, Connecticut
  • 2007 – Biofeedback Incontinence Training: Minneapolis, Minnesota & Long Island, NY 

Biofeedback Studies Under:

Rich Sherman PhD, in Suaquamish, Seattle, USA


  • 2006: Present a workshop at Neurofeedback Conference in San Diego, USA
  • 2006: Present Poster at 2nd Autism World Conference in Cape Town, South Africa
  • 2007: Present paper at Berard AIT Conference in Connecticut, USA
  • 2009: Present paper at SA ACAPAP, South Africa
  • 2010: Present workshop at 3rd world Conference of Ego state Therapy atSun City, South Africa
  • 2012: Present two posters at the 30th International Congress of Psychology in Cape Town

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