Gratitude is one of the healthiest emotions for your body.

It sends chemicals through your body that encourage revitalization and calmness.

But how can I be grateful when our world is in turmoil – Covid, War, Corruption

When you focus on what you do want, your body and brain react similarly, leading you to make decisions based on hope, love, and gratitude.

By focusing on gratitude, you put yourself into a state of already having everything you want and need, instead of feeling lack. When you feel whole, you broadcast this frequency, attracting more of it, and you also notice more things similar to what you’re grateful for. 

That is why it is so important to keep your mind on things to be grateful for.  Even the little ones or stuff we take for granted.

You may be wondering, what should I be thankful for?

101 Things to Show Your Gratitude For

Good Health– having health and vitality should never be taken for granted.

A Loving Family– your family will always be there for you.

Another Day of Being Alive– you never know when your last day will be.

A Reliable and Comfortable Home – to sleep, cook meals, and rest.

A Job – being able to take care of yourself offers independence and freedom.

Friends – a basic human need, make life more enjoyable.

Pets -creates joy, and usually a little bit of laughter as well.

Fun Experiences -memories of fun experiences allows you to relive it.

The Ability to Learn – to earn more money and make life better.

A Cup of Coffee in The Morning – prepare for the day and give you a little boost.

A Cup of Tea in The Afternoon – taking a break to reset in the afternoon.

A Few Moments to Relax – while you’re waiting, breathe and relax.

A Partner – someone to share, someone to hold, and someone to rely on.

A Cell Phone – allows you to stay connected and can keep you safe.

Comfortable Bed -you are more fortunate than most people who have ever lived.

Running Water – much of the world still has no running water.

Healthy Food– gives you the option to live longer and feel better every day.

A Fridge – keep your food edible for longer and keeps liquids nice and cold.

Electricity – and the countless benefits we experience because of it.

The Ability to Read and Write – allows you to learn and communicate concisely.

Eyes, Hands, Feet, and Ears – what blessings!

Your Passions – sport, arts, or activity you love makes life a lot more enjoyable.

Your Favourite Books – a wonderful way to relax or a form of entertainment.

Movies – take us on emotional adventures.

Hot Water – taking a hot shower or bath is a huge blessing that relaxes you.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste – fresh breath and clean teeth – happiness.

Grooming Tools – be more presentable for jobs or romantic opportunities.

Access to Healthcare – you are extremely lucky.

Clothing – warm, comfortable but also offer a form of self-expression and style.

Music – immerse yourself, feel emotions that move you and connect with others.

Headphones or Speakers – clarity and higher-quality output.

Freedom to Travel – traveling is an amazingly fun and nurturing experience.

Freedom of Belief – religious or expression of belief is a blessing.

Days Off – to relax and recharge and helps to keep us busy and productive.

Days On – you’re in the zone and getting things done and feel fantastic.

Accomplishments – gives you a sense of joy and pride in life.

Transportation – cars, trains, and busses – we can go further get there quicker.

Lessons From Past Mistakes – huge part of life and valuable lessons.

Going for a Walk in Nature – a healthy and fun way to relax and connect.

Camping – waking up in the great outdoors and enjoying the silence?

A Garden – grow your own food, plants, and flowers to brighten up your home.

Going for a Drive – changing your scenery to appreciate the beauty of our world.

Vacations – see somewhere new or relax and revitalize for better health.

Projects – creates excitement and give our days meaning and passion.

Skills – allow you to enjoy sports, music, or artistic practices.

Communication – you can connect and progress massively in life.

Languages – multiple major languages lets you communicate effectively.

Your Love Life – this can be one of the most nourishing facets of life.

Your Sex Life – the deepest level of connection between partners.

Financial Progress – gaining stability allow more freedom in life.

Physical Progress – exercising regularly creates optimal performance.

Letting go of the Past – you can be freer and more relaxed.

Mental or Emotional Progress – can give you a much more enriched life.

Quitting a Bad Habit – you are free from the bonds you were once in.

Starting New Habits – can make your life a lot healthier and more successful.

The Ability to Improve – allows you to enjoy life at a deeper level.

The Choice of Happiness – and you can choose to be happy no matter what.

Life Lessons from a Grandparent – wisdom passed down is a priceless gift.

Peace – allows you to go about your life without fear.

The Ability to Eat and Drink on Your Own – to be able to feed yourself.

Your Age – young, more time. Older, more wisdom, memories, and experience.

Nature – so beautiful and harmonious and provides us with everything we need.

Technological Advancements – made our lives more convenient, fun, and safe.

A Joyful Activity – something you do that brings you joy and peace.

A Shareable Activity – brings you closer to other people, allows you to have fun.

Being Happy Alone – you will always have everything you need.

A Job You Enjoy – if you have a job you enjoy, it is a source of happiness.

Your own Business – the power to create the income and the life you desire.

Your Car – or your bike, or shoes, or skateboard – freedom.

Clean Water – a blessing – drinking water and to keep ourselves clean.

Computers – you can achieve than many others who do not have the luxury.

Adventures – expands your awareness – memorable, joyful experiences.

Learning a New Skill – gives you advantages in the job market.

Time – our most precious resource. Use it wisely and be grateful.

Forgiveness – given or received, it is an important part of learning and growing.

Markets and Shops – safe and clean markets more options for a healthy lifestyle.

Restaurants – enjoy good food and drinks with people you like.

Your Favourite Café – offers a ton of joy and belonging in a community.

Laying Down in The Sun – does anything feel better than a good sun soak?

The Sound of Rain – the simplest pleasures that bring us the most peace and joy.

The Smell of Spring – or any pleasant smell that brings you peace.

The Perfection of Nature – Nature nourishes us in every way.

Swimming – to swim is a lot of fun and can keep you nice and cool on a hot day.

Dance, Sing, or Play – expressing yourself physically to reduce stress.

Your Best Friends – spending time with those who nourish and energize you.

Having Great Friends – connecting with people and enjoying activities together.

Beliefs – strong beliefs, convictions allow you to have passion and depth in life.

A Growth Mindset – if you believe it, you can change any circumstance.

The Power of Your Thoughts – change anything by thinking differently about it.

Buying Something New – clothes, a car, or something for the home.

Self-Love – love yourself. You’re the closest person you’ll ever have.

Other’s Love – being loved by another person is a beautiful blessing.

Exercise – keeps you healthy mentally and physically and can be a lot of fun.

Stretching – reduces stress and causes deep relaxation, which leads to health.

Meditation – an exercise for the brain. Keeps you healthier, happier, and calmer.

Sages – people who had come before us and enrich our lives.

Cultural Progression – accept each other better, everyone wins.

Ability to Share Information -a better-informed population.

The Internet – the amazing source of information and connection.

Technology – make our lives more fun and aid in healthcare and other services.

The Present – be thankful for the breath you breathe, and the life you have.

As you can see, there are tons of things to be grateful for. I’m sure you can come up with plenty of your own that are not on this list.

The more you focus on what you’re thankful for, the more you will see more catalysts for joy in your life. So, after reading this list you should never ask yourself “what should I be thankful for” again.

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