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When my daughter turned 3 her speech was poor and it sounded more like a language of her own. I didn’t think much of it as she was such a little actress, so I just thought it was her way of putting on a show. When she was 5, her teacher suggested speech therapy. Still I thought she’ll get there, she’s a very bright little girl, but I sent her to therapy anyway. At 6, she struggled to keep up in class, and memorising her phone number and address was near impossible. We then started remedial in the first term, I thought things were going well. She was still seeing her speech therapist and remedial teachers. She read her sight words well, so I thought we had her reading under control. As far as maths and counting was concerned, there was an inconsistency. Some days she could do all her work 100%. But most days she had no idea.

Then her teacher told me that she can’t read and doesn’t concentrate or listen in class. My daughter had told me that her teacher screamed in class. She was very tense and negative about school. I took her for an assessment to an educational psychologist. Here it was found that her cognitive IQ bordered on superior, but her verbal IQ was below average. The vast difference between the two was statistically significant according to the psychologist. My daughter was memorizing things visually, therefore when tested on visual things she scored very high. But there was a problem with her auditory processing. Therefore she underperformed in things like phonics, performing tasks given verbally, etc. I thought it had something to do with her teacher and asked the psychologist if I should request that she be moved to another class. She said absolutely not. Children should learn to make do with their environment. (Only later did I realize this was very bad advice). She insisted we put our daughter on Ritalin. My husband and I effused and started doing more research. I took her for a hearing test, which reported that she heard very well (little did we know that she was hearing too well). I had the homeopath test her for allergies (he found she was allergic to colorants and wheat and a voice test revealed she was very sensitive and had a busy mind).

In the fourth term, we found out about Neurofeedback. I went to see Hannelie Kemp and she did an assessment of our daughter. She did a listening profile and found that our daughter had hypersensitive hearing. This meant she couldn’t concentrate, because she was hearing all the sounds around her at once, unable to single out the teacher’s voice and getting her into trouble for not listening. Hannelie advised that we do Berard AIT (Auditory Integration Training) instead. She also tested our daughter’s brainwaves and she also found that our daughter’s pattern was that of a busy mind, she was very stressed and has a very sensitive nature and needed more quiet times in the home than we offered with blaring music, loud voices, constant activities and outings, constant visits from the neighbouring kids etc. This all tied in with her underperformance. When the mind is overstressed, it can cause the neurotransmitters in the brain to be unable to deliver the required message.

In the mean time her school advised us to keep our daughter back in Grade 1. This was devastating and the hardest decision to make. We realized that she wouldn’t be ready for the pace of Grade 2 and might end up hating school and feeling ‘stupid’. So we kept her back, this was very hard for her as all her friends moved on. We started with AIT immediately. Hannelie also did play therapy and taught our daughter breathing techniques, to calm her (Biofeedback). She gave us invaluable information on how to work with our daughter. My daughter now felt we were on her side.

The first week back at school was a nightmare. Children teased her and she begged me to go over to Grade 2. A week later she had made new friends, and everyone was used to the idea. She was the ‘clever’ one now and could help all the other Grade 1’s with their work. In the 2nd month homework as a breeze. She had confidence. She loved school and received an incredible report from her teacher at the end of the first term. She has in two months mastered phonics she never grasped in a while year. And she is now eager to learn more, as she now knows she is ABLE.  She is suddenly responsible, she now listens to instructions, because she can HEAR them. We thank you Hannelie for identifying the real problem and giving us a natural drug free solution! Our daughter is reaping the rewards, and she is a happy little girl again!



Dear Hannelie 

You have done it again!  Thank you for giving me the wonderful opportunity to improve my

hearing. In my wildest dreams I never anticipated such incredible results, it is just totally amazing, I am blown away by it and eternally grateful. 

I feel very blessed to be under your care as I know I am in such capable hands. By taking the time to explain and educate me as to how the brain responds to hearing loss, you changed a negative experience into a positive one and now coupled with my fantastic hearing results, I feel empowered and enthusiastic about the future.  

All good wishes for the future, you deserve every success and I look forward to seeing you again in a months time. 


In February of 2008 I was desperate. I had a grandson of 12 who could not read at all, and one of 10 who was unhappy, angry and aggressive. Both of them had been traumatised by a very unpleasant divorce. 

The elder child had been diagnosed as dyslexic two years previously and was making no progress.

The younger one was throwing tantrums and telling lies, I bless the ‘guardian angel’ who advised me to take them to Hannelie Kemp!

Now, at the end of 2009, the change in these boys is almost miraculous. Both had neurotherapy and counselling. Hannelie discovered that the older child had problems with visual perception and we took him to a specialist in Mossel Bay. More therapy! We worked hard! He is still a slow ready and probably always will be but at least he can read. He tried his best and has passed grade 7. 

The younger child is top of his class on an academic scroll and a totally new attitude. Both boys are happy and confident and have made us proud. 

Hannelie’s patience and understanding, therapy and counselling have made a huge difference to these boys. She has set them on the right road and we are so grateful!


My son was diagnosed with ADHD at age 7. H was a dreamer in class, lacked focus and concentration, easily distracted and hyperactive.

I noticed that he lacked motivation and would not listen to given instructions. He did however, perform well academically. His daily dosage of Ritalin increased to 20mg when he was 9.

When I was introduced to Berard AIT Training as a promising intervention for ADHD, I dived at the opportunity. The ten days programme was intense with two sessions daily but my child made remarkable improvements within a few days.

He suddenly became calmer, started showing signs of independent behaviour by playing quietly with his racing cars in his room etc. He began to comply with my requests during meal times which were usually argumentative. His confidence developed in playing outdoor games and he was able to contribute to our conversations readily which were previously impossible.

His dosage of Ritalin was reduced to 5mg daily. Four months later, he is still on 5mg of Ritalin. His teacher indicated that he is less distracted in class and is able to focus on tasks now. He listens to given instructions and can carry them out accordingly. He continues to make good progress

Natja du Preez – Nov 2010 AIT

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