Testimonials: Students

BAIE DANKIE! It was a wonderful experience to train with you!


Thanks for sharing so freely with us!


Thank you for giving more, much more, of your expertise and knowledge


This was such an invigorating experience. It was more than I expected


“Thanks” is not enough – when someone cares the way you care. “Thanks” is just a portion of a deep appreciation for sharing so much goodness from your heart. Your kindness is such a source of joy and inspiration that ‘thanks’ is not enough – it’s just a start

Maymunah (Nigeria)


If you are looking for a Neurotherapy course look no further. Hannelie offers personalised tutoring as well as enough practical training to equip you with the confidence to start your practice. Other courses don’t offer mentoring. This is of the utmost importance in order to become a proficient therapist. No one can be expected to know everything in just 4 days. You really need a 7 day course with a 1 year mentorship if you want to give the best to your clients


I was thoroughly impressed by not only the quality and depth of the course material, but also by Hannelie, the presenter. In addition to the wealth of knowledge Hannelie has of Bio- and Neuro-feedback and its clinical application, she is also incredibly knowledgeable on a wide variety of topics such as diet, counselling, therapy, and ADHD/ADD. Hannelie is entertaining, generous, and a down-right people’s person. 

This jam-packed course gives one the full confidence to go out and practice.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone!

Elizabeth Stolarczyk

NF Training: A week with Hannelie Kemp

I have recently completed NF training with Hannelie Kemp. Although I have done several other trainings and workshops, this stands out in my career as one of the most intensive and hands-on experiences I have ever had.  She forced us out of our academic comfort zone into the “doi-ing zone” on day one! What could have been an extremely academic, content-sharing week turned out to be a highly exciting and stimulating time. She has a unique way of training, which resulted in much fun, laughter and lightness. The way she combined the theoretical information and the practical training ensured that we remained active and highly focused. 

Her training file is well-organized and easy to follow.  She knows the field of NFT and is clearly an expert.  Her vast experience gives her the edge that enables her to teach NFT with ease.  I find myself using the training manual on a daily basis, discovering more gems as I go along. In addition, the group was provided with invaluable training aids, all of which is usable in my own practice.

NFT and its underlying principles, coupled with the technical computer information could be overwhelming. She managed to break this down in manageable chunks of information, while building the group’s self-confidence.  By the end of the week, I felt confident (and competent enough) to start training other people immediately.

As if this is not enough, she allowed time for practical sessions on each other (at least twice) and she made sure that we all experienced NFT. With abundant energy, she jumped from group-to-group to provide guidance and assistance. 

And finally, she makes a strong and present mentor.   For that I am grateful.  She challenges one to think; and to do additional research, which is preparing me for the challenges of NF in practice.  I have already received mentoring for the last 2 weeks.  Hannelie is supportive, available and hands-on with her feedback. 

Training with Hannelie was an unforgettable experience. A high five for Hannelie and NFT!

Dr Marina vd Ryst (Educational psychologist)

Hannelie,  thank you for six very rewarding days in your BCIA Accredited Didactics course.  The training, manual and booklist was spot on for the September 2016 BCIA exam; which I wrote shortly after the course.  You inspired me to write the exam and I am really grateful.

Lenard Durand 

Wow, what a cool (and intense:) week it was. I feel so much clearer and more confident with how to use the equipment, how to assess clients, and what the potential of Neurofeedback is. I am Looking forward to the next step in the journey. 

Thank you for your wonderful personality, passion, experience, generosity and enthusiasm! It was wonderful to spend time with you… and the rest of the group!!!



It was way better than I expected. You showed the whole picture of how it will take me to be able to practice and give patient good service

Doaa (Egypt)

Dear Hannelie, You said have time for yourself, so I wish you a good healthy success. I will never forget this week. I learned so much about NF and about important things in life. We all wish you and your family the best

Osnat (Israel)

Thank you so much for a wonderful learning experience


The course was really great. We learned so much, the theoretical and practical information were excellent. It was hard to study every day but at the end of the course I could not believe that I learned so much. The days were parted into theoretical and practical sessions every day which helped me to feel confident in all areas. Hannelie often stayed on to make sure that we understood everything in detail.

It was great to work in a small group. We also learned a lot from each other and could discuss practical examples.

I am glad that I came, every minute was worthwhile and I will recommend this course to everyone who is interested in Neurofeedback.

I am leaving now with a lot of knowledge, 3 books, a manual that is extensive and assembled well with lots of information, great excitement to start my first clients and the knowledge that Hannelie will mentor me on every step I take for the next year. Thank you, Hannelie, well done!


The workshop is much more practical than I expected. Alpha training for me was an experience I never envisaged. Without Neurofeedback training I would not have known how to relax.

Hannelie has presented the workshop in the most practical way and she is the only neurofeedback trainer that provides mentoring opportunity after the workshop. I will recommend her anyday! Many thanks

Morayo (Nigeria)

Neurofeedback Course  11-18th Feb 2010

I was exposed to this field by a colleague who is an industrial psychologist. She received her neurofeedback training from Hannelie.

I was impressed with my colleague’s insight into this field, as well as the ease with which she linked neurofeedback to her specialisation area. She and another colleague motivated me to enrol in this course with Hannelie. They indicated that both instructor and course are of outstanding quality.

Now, with the completion of my course with Hannelie, I can only agree with them. The course provides and in-depth look into neuro and biofeedback. It guides the student towards understanding, analysing and applying the various strands addressed during the course. Hannelie as an instructor is truly knowledgeable regarding the theoretical framework, assessment, analysis and protocol. She emphasises professionalism and client care at all times. She demonstrates her insight and comfort in this field in the ease with which she answers questions during the course.

What my colleagues did not prepare me for was how much fun a course like this could be! Hannelie zones in on her student’s needs to allow for optimal learning to take place. With me it meant that she had to throw caution to the wind. We explored meandering pathways, made several links to other disciplines and even challenged the status quo… after which she brought me back to reality: every client is unique…

From the onset she made it clear that this course is about acquiring knowledge and skills preparing me to become a neuro- and biofeedback practitioner. This course was not about getting to know the software. And this is part of Hannelie’s charm. She is an expert in her field (or actually in many fields) but she does not pretend to know it all. She was willing to teach me all she knew, and she was eager to learn from me. As the student I felt that I could ask, argue and share. Hannelie took it all in her stride as she patiently and diligently share her knowledge, insight and understanding about so much more than neuro- and biofeedback with me.

Thanks Hannelie!

Marth Munro (PhD)

The whole course was just wonderful and came as if planned (I wonder how things like this happen at just the right time?). Thank you all so much for making this happen! At last I’m able to start working properly with Neurofeedback and feel quite excited about all the possibilities. I hope we meet again to share our stories along the road of human experience…

Hannelie I just want to say thank you for your bottomless generosity, flexibility, and presence! Wow .. :))

Dr Panos Lazanas
University of Johannesburg

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